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UCAN SuperStarch

UCAN SuperStarch

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Stimulants and cause a spike & crash. UCAN is powered by SuperStarch®, a patented, naturally cooked non-GMO food starch that delivers a slow-release of complex carbs to steady your blood sugar, keeping you fueled and feeling good.

Mix our unflavored Plain UCAN powder with protein, electrolytes, or in your smoothie for a sustained energy boost.
UCAN is pre and post workout food that gives you steady and balanced energy, so you can have a more productive workout and make better choices when you’re finished.
Add UCAN to your smoothie or mix it in with your food to help keep your blood sugar stable and give you extended energy. Keeping blood sugar stable can help you avoid the crash and curb cravings.

Product Information

UCAN Energy Powder, Unflavored, Powered by SuperStarch®, 26.5oz Tub, 30 Servings.

Our Plain UCAN has 90 calories, 25g SuperStarch®, 0g sugar, and 15mg sodium per serving.

This product is gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan-friendly
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